E-commerce website – Sell Your Products In E-Market


  • Top level domain with HTTPs
  • Business logo
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Search bar
  • Live Chat
  • Product description
  • Consumer reviews on products
  • Accept all payment methods
  • Responsive design


  • Page loading speed is a crucial factor both from the perspective of user experience and SEO. Customers will definitely leave a site if it takes more time to load.
  • browser compatibility Make sure your site is properly rendered in all major browsers.
  • Responsive design  your site should be flexible enough to provide the best user experience.
  •  Payment, taxes and location management Your site’s backend platform should be easily able to manage different payment processes, calculate and apply taxes, and determine the price structure based on locations.
  • Content management the pages of your site, their layouts, your blog and other contents of your site should be manageable from the backend without any manual change in the code of the site.
  • Dashboard/reporting tools and Administrator management
  • Accept all payment methods Your ecommerce site should accept most of the payment methods that are popular among your customers.
  • Add to cart button The Add to Cart button should be prominently displayed beside the product image.
  • Customer login Your site should definitely let the customers register and login. It’s best to place this on the top bar for easy access.



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